We are FDA approved/Non-toxic/safe on kids

  • Never go to bed with face paint on
  • Rarely Face paints may stain clothes
  • Artists designs/colors may differ slightly from Photo/display
  • You must have your parents permisson for all services and be over the age 2 to get face painted.
  • Do not get your face painted if you have: allergies to dyes, soaps, face paints or cosmetics. Any type of skin problems, sensitive skin, eczema, cuts, fever blisters, sore or red eyes.

We are very excited to answer any questions you may have about our services! Look forward to making your day a “Artsy” one!!

Drawing Classes

Artsy Face now introduces Drawing Classes! I have always had a true passion for drawing. I have worked at a studio for over 4 years and have continued drawing as a hobby afterwards. I decided why not offer this service that I truly enjoy to others!

Classes are offered:

Currently I am teaching on: Sunday, 10:30-11:30 (Ages: 7 to 10)***I do have openings in this class above if you are interested.**Contact me regarding other times/days. I am available: Evening and week-ends


I am open to teaching anyone interested in beginning drawing or have an interest in drawing.

Number of students in each class:

I like to keep my class small. (6-8 students)


$20 a classIncludes: All materials, you just show up with your creativity and ideas! If you would like to bring your own materials you are welcome to.No contract/You pay on the day of the class/Cash or Check

Mediums used:

I bring everything with me and let you choose what you would like to use. I will suggest what I have used for a particular drawing in the past.We use: Pastels, Colored Pencils, Sharpie, Acrylic, Watercolor,  are  some examples of what I bring to class.Materials: I alternate canvas, water-color paper, are a few things I use in class.


Office Evolution Atrium9233 Park Meadows Drive
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124


I like my students to tell me their ideas of what they would like to draw. I get everyone’s ideas and choose one each week! I teach step by step drawing techniques.  I break down each part of the picture to make it simple to draw. For younger kids, I relate it to shapes they are familiar with and objects they are familiar with. I teach them the different styles of drawing and the various elements in drawing as we draw together. I always have an example to show the students. I do let them know everyone’s will look different but the same:-)

Drawing parties:

I do offer Drawing parties at your location! Min. of 4. Call for more details!!If you should have any questions please contact me or call me to book your class! Have an Artsy Day!!